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Hema seelectorLUX HD/SD: Puts More Light on the Line

18 Mar 2011

seelectorLUX HD/SD is the new series of intelligent line light systems from Hema. Their extremely bright LED-array-line gives these lights essential advantages in many applications compared to existing systems.

According to Hema, the new line lights are ideal for the surface inspection of continuously produced goods, wafers, glass and metal. The adjustment of the light profile at 62.5 mm intervals in combination with highest light intensity allows for much higher scanning speeds of cameras and better image quality. With its continuous thermal management the seelectorLUX HD provides a light intensity of over 1 MegaLux. For applications requiring lower light intensity, the seelectorLUX SD series provides in excess of 150,000 Lux.

The new line lights are integrated into slim aluminum housings with lengths up to 4 meters in steps of 250 mm and can also be manufactured in IP67 variants upon request. They are available in the light colors blue, green, red, various white variants, as well as UV and IR. Ethernet, Analog (0 - 10 V) and digital triggering are, among others, included as interfaces. The working distance of seelectorLUX HD/SD lights varies between 50 and 500 mm and, due to its special lens focusing system, provides a uniform light band of approx. 20 mm width with a homogeneity of over 96 percent regardless of working distance.

A high-performance controller is built into the seelectorLUS HD/SD lights which allows self-diagnosis of the entire system including monitoring LED degradation. The graphic user interface is based on an integrated webserver and can be operated from any browser-based system without requiring long learning periods.


Aalen, Germany

Based in Aalen since 1978, hema electronic GmbH offers a wide range of components and systems for industrial image processing. One important aspect of their product range includes LED illumination technology.