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Volpi IntraLED 3: New High-Power LED Light Source

27 Jul 2011

Volpi introduces the economical and compact lighting system IntraLED 3 which stands out due to its long service life and its excellent light intensity.

The success of an image processing application depends to a large extent on the quality of the lighting system selected. The most important factors for success are having both a luminous flux that is as high as possible and very good homogeneity values. To comprehensively meet these requirements Volpi is introducing the IntraLED 3 LED light source. This economical and compact lighting system has a service life of 50,000 hours and a light intensity of over 500 lumens.

High-Power Light Source for Machine Vision

The IntraLED 3 LED light source is the next generation model of the successful IntraLED 2020+. When developing the new high-power light source, the Volpi engineers were strictly focused on the requirements of machine vision. With a light intensity of over 500 lumens, a performance increase of more than 30% was achieved over the previous model. The typical colour temperature is 6000 degrees Kelvin.

Intensity control is achieved either manually via the integrated RS232 interface (optional USB) or remotely via the multiport with digital and analogue input. The intraLED 3 is available in two variants and is thus compatible with light guides from Volpi and Schott-Fostec.

Superior Lifetime and Maintenance-Free

Given these specifications, most applications with 100 or 150 watt halogen light sources can now be implemented with an IntraLED 3. Replacement of conventional halogen light sources offers the user numerous advantages: the long service life of 50,000 hours, the maintenance-free design and the substantially lower power consumption (24V DC / max. 55 W) noticeably reduce total operating costs. The compact enclosure allows use on a small surface and the threaded rails (M4) present on 4 sides facilitate smooth system integration.

Due to its low heat emission, in critical applications the ambient temperature no longer has to be cooled, or cooled as much as previously. This gives indirect power savings and a further reduction of the company’s CO2 footprint.


Spreitenbach, Switzerland

FiberOptic AG is a market leader specialising in the manufacture, assembly and finishing of versatile light guides and endoscopes. With more than 40 years of business activity in optical light and data transmission, the company can draw on a wide range of solutions and extensive hands on experiences.

Note: As of November 1, FiberOptic AG in Spreitenbach (Switzerland) has taken over the entire production of the Volpi standard products for machine vision.


Zürich, Switzerland

Volpi AG produces a wide range of illumination and optical products, including cold light sources, fibre optic systems and LED illumination solutions for technical or medical endoscopy, fibre optic image guides and other optical instruments.

FiberOptic IntraLED 3 - LED light source for Machine Vision applications
  • LED light source for fibre-optic light guides
  • Long service life up to 50.000h
  • Low power consumption