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Mamiya medium format lenses

The Japanese camera and lens manufacturer Mamiya is probably best known for its professional photography products. Mamiya's lenses are renowned for their outstanding image quality which guarantees the best possible definition and colour fidelity as well as offering optimum image error correction.

Since Mamiya's lenses have been optimised for medium format imaging (60 x 45)mm², they are ideal for use with line-scan cameras with sensor sizes up to 75mm. Thanks to their outstanding colour fidelity, Mamiya lenses represent an ideal solution for colour-sensitive applications when used in combination with line-scan cameras such as DALSA's Piranha Colour.

The wide range of available focal lengths - from 35mm - as well as the availability of extension rings (see Tables 1 and 2) has greatly extended the range of line scan applications.


  • Lenses for medium format imaging (60 x 45)mm²
  • For line scan cameras with sensor sizes up to 75mm
  • Large selection of focal lengths from 35mm

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