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Silicon Software

Silicon Software GmbH was founded in 1997 as a product development and manufacturing company with focus on the automation and machine vision markets. Headquarters are located in Mannheim, Germany where Silicon Software develops and produces off-the-shelf and customised OEM hardware and software solutions.

The company's main products, a series of intelligent image acquisition and processing cards, are designed to handle complex imaging tasks and high-speed applications in real-time. The key advantage of their technology is the programmability of the onboard FPGA vision processors, which allow a broad range of applications to be realised. Complex functions can be processed in fractions of a second directly on the frame grabber board without any additional load of the host CPU. The company's other focus is the Visual Applets software product series. This graphical software dramatically eases the programming of vision processor hardware and allows software engineers to generate demanding and time critical applications in a few minutes.

Silicon Software's imaging products have been used successfully for many years in a wide range of applications and markets. Customers have been able to use customised implementations of their systems to gain a competitive edge on the market based on high flexibility and the option of easy modifications at a later stage. Moreover, the use of Visual Applets in combination with migrating the image processing algorithms to hardware, leads to easing the load on the host CPU and has allowed customers to design smaller, more efficient and more cost-effective systems. Silicon Software's OEM solutions are installed in vision applications, medical technology, video and network technology, as well as in machine vision cameras.

  • Standard frame grabber cards
  • Intelligent imaging and machine vision hardware
  • Factory vision automation solution
  • OEM product development and customer adaptations
  • Graphical development environment for vision processors
  • Programming services
Silicon Software Lightbridge
  • External CameraLink acquisition card
  • Ultra fast data transfer thanks to Thunderbolt interface
  • Particularly suitable for EMC radiation sensitive environments
Silicon Software microEnable 5
  • Frame Grabber for demanding machine vision applications
  • CoaXPress, CameraLink or CameraLink HS interface
  • Powerful preprocessing features reduce data volume and CPU load
Silicon Software microEnable 4
  • Programmable PCIe frame grabber for image capture from CameraLink, GigE Vision or LVDS cameras
  • High data transfer bandwidth
  • Ideally suited for use with line scan cameras

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Enhanced FPGA image processing development environment


VisualApplets 3.0 from Silicon Software provides enhanced capabilities and new functionality for developing FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) image processing applications for machine vision. FPGAs are ideally suited for image processing tasks. Real-time FPGA parallel processing both guarantees the required throughput and reduces computing demands on the CPU in a PC or smart camera.

Silicon Software LightBridge: External Grabber with Thunderbolt


With LightBridge, Silicon Software is unveiling a new imaging concept at VISION 2014 that provides the functionality of a Frame Grabber through an external connection to a PC via a Thunderbolt interface.

FPGA grabber for image pre-processing without CPU loading


With its new frame grabbers, microEnable 5 AD8-PoCL and microEnable 5 VD8-PoCL, Silicon Software has introduced two high performance frame grabbers which are predestined for high parallel processing of large data volumes.

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